WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging app, and as it is evolving, WhatsApp constantly adding new features to provide users a better experience. in this article, we are going to talk about the upcoming WhatsApp new features.

Upcoming WhatsApp New Features –

WABetaInfo, the website which tracks new features on the beta version of Whatsapp, claimed that WhatsApp is working on some new features like multi-device login support, search by date tool, sharechat integration, updated dark mode, chat clearing and more. let’s see all Whatsapp new features 2020 below –

Multi-device login support:

We already know that WhatsApp is working on a multi-device support feature for a very long time, and the latest reports finally bring new details about this feature. according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has already started testing the multi-device login support feature for both Android and iOS. With multi-device support, WhatsApp will allow you to use your WhatsApp account on as many as four devices simultaneously with synchronized chats.

whatsapp multi device support

At the moment, you can only have one mobile device logged-in to WhatsApp. You can swap between these but, only one can be logged-in at a time. This makes seamless use difficult and switching devices frustrating. but after this feature, you can use your single WhatsApp account on up to 4 devices at the same time. Also, this is one of the best WhatsApp new features.

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Search Messages by date:

WhatsApp is seen to be working on a new Search by date feature that will allow users to search messages of a particular date. This will make it much easier to find date-specific messages and images. some screenshots by WABetaInfo shows that a Calender icon would be available just above the keyboard for iPhone users when using the search option on WhatsApp.

search by date whatsapp new feature

You can select a particular month, year, or date by clicking on the calendar icon and then search for the chats of that day. Android users will use this feature through the Search option in the chat window.

ShareChat Video integration – WhatsApp New Features:

This feature is already available in WhatsApp for YouTube and Instagram videos, but now the WhatsApp is working on this integrated video feature for ShareChat also. it means that after this feature, videos shared via ShareChat on WhatsApp will play inside the app itself. Users will not have to exit WhatsApp to watch the video, this will be a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) option and will be available for both Android & iOS users.

whatsapp sharechat video integration

Storage Usage section improvements:

In addition to the ShareChat integration features, WhatsApp has redesigned the Storage Usage section to provide more details for the storage size of photos, messages, videos, and documents shared on individual chats. there will be a new Sort option, this option will allow users to sort photos by size, newest and oldest orders.

redesigned storage usage section

With the sorting feature, there would also be a Forwarded files option in the Storage Usage section that will help you to filter all the files you have forwarded on WhatsApp.

New Clear Chat Option – Keep starred messages:

This is one of the WhatsApp new features, that will allow you to delete all messages except the starred messages. the feature will appear when users attempt to clear all chats from their WhatsApp account. You will be able to clear all messages except for those that you have “starred”, which will make it much easier to delete messages you deem no longer necessary.

whatsapp new feature - delete messages except starred

New bubble color in Dark Mode:

Dark Mode is one of the WhatsApp’s biggest update, which was rolled out earlier this year. WhatsApp is testing now a new chat bubble color for dark mode when switching to dark mode. it would help to reduce eye strain when using WhatsApp in a low-light environment.

new bubble color in dark mode

Self-destructing messages:

WhatsApp users may soon get the ability to delete messages automatically after a set period of time, this feature is called “self-destructive messages”. When the feature is enabled, within the chat window you’ll see a small “lock” icon next to individual chat bubbles to indicate that it will be deleted per a schedule. Naturally, it will be disabled as standard but you will have the option to set your WhatsApp messages to delete after an hour, a day, a week, a month, or even a year.

self destructing messages whatsapp

WhatsApp New Features – QR code:

WhatsApp QR code feature will allow you to add a new contact just by scanning a QR code. Users will be able to see their QR code by going to the “Settings” option and they can share their own contact QR code as well as scan the QR code of others to add them to their contacts. the feature is already available in beta and expected to roll out soon in the stable release.

whatsapp qr code new feature

Show last seen to selected friends:

At the moment, users can share their last seen status with “contacts”, “everyone”, or no one. you can not share your last seen status with select few friends. but soon WhatsApp is going to allow you to use this feature in upcoming updates.

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In-app browser – WhatsApp New Features:

If someone shared you a link on WhatsApp then it sends you to the browser installed on your device, but soon WhatsApp will let users open links sent over chats within the app without having to redirect to the web browser. The in-app browser feature minimizes the time to open links.

new in-app browser support whatsapp new features

Search image on the web:

WhatsApp is planning to launch a feature that will allow users to look for an image on the web. When an image is forwarded more than four times, WhatsApp will replace the forward button with the “Search on the Web” button. Users will then be able to look for an image on the web by searching for it on Google.

search image on web

So, these are all the upcoming WhatsApp New features mentioned above, some of them are available in beta for testing and some features are about to launch in a stable version very soon for both Android & iOS. these features will undoubtedly improve the entire experience of using the most popular messaging app.

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