There was a time when feature phones were initially well-liked by people, especially when it comes to feature phones, Nokia’s classic phones have always been preferred. But as we progressed in the tech world, that phase probably overtook us and we moved completely towards Android and iOS. Recently some leaks of the upcoming Nokia Feature Phone have been revealed.

Nokia Feature Phone

Now to replicate the old era with new features, Nokia will soon be the first feature in the world with Android OS is going to bring the phone to the market. So let’s know what is going to be special in this first modern feature phone by Nokia.

Physical interface:

Nokia’s feature phone will weigh 88 grams and will support 4G networks. Apart from that, the size of this feature phone is 123.8 x 52.4 x 13.1mm. It has been said that a sketch has come out of this Nokia feature phone, which has a dedicated Google Assistant button.

Upcoming Nokia Feature Phone

This sketch has been shared by Nokiamob. It is believed that this is an Android-powered Nokia feature phone with a roomer. Apart from the Google Assistant button, the rest of the design of this phone looks like other Nokia feature phones. At the moment, information about more features of this phone has not been received yet.

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Internal features:

The company will give a 2.4-inch display on this phone, whose resolution will be 240 x 320 pixels. Also, 8 MB RAM and 16 GB internal storage can be given for better performance. At the same time, this phone will work on the Android operating system.

Nokia feature phones can be seen running a non-version of Android with pre-installed Google apps like YouTube and Chrome. The phone also supports Google Assistant voice search which can be activated by pressing its button.

Price: Upcoming Nokia Feature Phone

However, Nokia has not yet officially revealed the price of the new feature phone. It is expected that soon the company will soon disclose the remaining features and price of the phone.

That’s all about the upcoming Nokia feature phone. Hopes you like it. Drop a comment below, which features you like most in this informative article.

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