iOS 14 It will be rolling out to more iPhone users around the world soon, so it has top 5 iOS features that will likely change the way you operate your iPhone daily. And will help you a lot to make your work easy.

Top 5 iOS 14 features

Apple is willing to bring its iOS 14 to the public at any time in September or October. And Apple has tried to make it even better, as we saw in a demo given during the WWDC 2020 conference last month, the new mobile software comes with many new features and similar awaits. Since it will be rolling out to more and more iPhone users around the world soon, it has some features that will drastically change the way you operate your iPhone daily.

Top 5 iOS 14 features:

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App Clips to text them

One of the most important features of iOS 14 is App Clips. As you might have guessed by its name, it shows an easy way to access the app’s features without going through a normal process. App Clips gives you facilities for tasks like renting a scooter, buying coffee or filling a parking meter. You can scan app clip codes, or use NFC tags and QR codes to find app clips. It will work only with businesses that integrate their services with App Clips. And it will not cause you any trouble.

Widgets are finally here!

The best and most obvious change is probably the widget in iOS 14. We learn more about this new widget app and move on. It can be drawn and pinned in various sizes on the home screen. A “smart stack” of widgets can also be created by the user, which can be recommended based on time, location and activity. These widgets can also be used for various purposes such as work, travel and sports.

Major upgrades in Apple Messages

iOS 14 brings conversation pinning to the messaging app. In this, you mention group in chat and inline replies have also been added. And as far as it seems, Memoji gets new hairstyles, headwear and even masks. These features bring a lot of changes in messaging apps.

Set third-party apps as default

So this feature is also going to be very good. iPhone users should be happy with this feature as it now lets you set up a third-party app as a default app for email and browsers. Meaning that whenever you send a mail or open a URL, you can set it to Gmail or Chrome as your default. Until now, these features were limited to Apple’s Mail and Safari apps only.

Safari tell you about cross-site trackers

In iOS 14 you are getting Safari a big boost in the security and transparency department. And this Safari Privacy Report can now tell you what all cross-site trackers have blocked the browser. Until now, when you opened a website, it was not known what all websites did through Ping. You will not have this problem also.

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