Telegram is a very solid instant messaging app, an alternative to WhatsApp. As you know, WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app used by billions of people, but so far, WhatsApp is lacking in many features that can make it even better. in this post, I’m going to talk about top Telegram features that make it a better messaging app than WhatsApp…

top telegram features

There are so many cool and interesting features that make Telegram a powerful secret messaging app. For instance, Secret chat, live location sharing, multiple phone number, auto night mode, self-destructing messages, and creating a group of up to 200,000 members. The best part is Telegram is totally free and available for both Android & iOS. let’s see some top features of Telegram that are not available in WhatsApp.

Top Telegram Features –

Secret Chat

As far as the messaging app is concerned, the first question arises is security. Telegram gives us the feature of secret chat in which we can chat secretly to anyone which is completely secure.

telegram secret chats

More Group Members

As we know that group making is most important for any messaging app, Telegram also provides the facility to create a group. Truly speaking, we can call Telegram is the best group making app because it allows up to 200,000 members to join in a group.

Auto Night-Mode

At the moment, the night mode is considered very popular. Telegram has an auto night mode feature so that you can make full use of the app at night time as you do during the day. Helps protect eyesight. It is being called Auto Night mode because it automatically adjusts the dark mode when the sun goes down and turns off when the sun rises again.

auto-night mode in telegram

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Live Location Sharing

Telegram has been given the facility of live location sharing like Whatsapp, through which the users can share their location with other users or monitor their location.

live location sharing

Use Multiple Phone Number

It is rarely seen that you can use multiple phone numbers in a single app. And Yes, you have been given this feature in Telegram, through which you can easily connect your phone number without losing any chat or contact. You can change the number, that why you no longer need to install the different apps to use telegram on a different number. You can keep personal and business life separate without using another messenger app.

telegram multiple phone numbers

Create Channels

Along with being a chatting app, Telegram is also an open-source media where anyone can create their own channel and share their data with people like video links, movies, etc.

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Save Messages to Cloud

Telegram also gives you a cloud storage facility where you can store your important messages, documents, and files. Here you get unlimited free online storage.

saved messages - telegram features

Mute Contacts and Groups

Telegram has a feature of muting contacts or groups. People who use a lot of channels for them can get upset with repeated notifications. You can mute these notifications, so rather of receiving the ring for the message, you will be able to see it by opening the app directly.

Multiple Profile Pictures

For those who keep their profiles very decorated, Telegram has a very amazing feature. by using this feature, you will be able to use more than one picture on your profile. Yes, now the new profile picture can be uploaded without deleting the old picture.

Chat Tools

There are many interesting features in Telegram related to chat. You can pin or mute any chat by long press. there is a very easy way to archive a chat, just swipe left, and swipe down to retrieve the archived chat you have done.

Telegram Settings Feature


Here the app shows you your current account (Mobile Number) where you can change your account to a new account (Mobile Number).


This is one of the most unique features of Telegram, where you can add and interact with anyone without a mobile number with the help of his user name. Which is usually on Instagram.


This is a normal place where you can describe people about yourself.

Privacy and Security

As we know, telegram’s security is considered better than other messaging apps. Here we can manage the privacy and security of the app such as pattern lock and two-step verification. Along with that, you get an advanced setting where you set a time to automatically delete your account.

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Data and Storage

The Data and storage usage status section shows how much data or storage has been used in the app. Along with it, media download settings(like automatic media download) can be managed.

Chat settings

This is one of the most interesting features, where you can completely change the color theme and background of the app. You can adjust the look and feel of the app according to you exactly the way you want to see it. It also includes Night Mode.

telegram chat settings


You can log in to Telegram from another mobile, tablet, and desktop device using the same phone number by scanning the QR code. All your data will be instantly synchronized.

So these are all the interesting Telegram features that make it better than other instant messaging apps in terms of privacy and security. tell us your favorite features in the comments down below.

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