Who does not know Team Soul, PUBG Mobile’s well-known Team Soul, which made a name for itself in the Indian gaming community, was the first team Soul to participate in and win many PUBG tournaments, Team Soul was created by Mortal, about whom We have told you further.

team soul pubg all members

Team Soul Players

#1. Soul Mortal

Naman Mathur is known as Mortal For Soul Mortal, Mortal Popular Competitive Indian Gamer, and Streamer. Mortal upload Gaming Videos and Live stream on his Channel. The top 10 popular Indian gaming channel in one. He was born and raised in Mumbai, India. As of now, his Youtube channel has over 5.24 million subscribers, and Mortal Joined Youtube Family on Sep 23, 2013.

soul mortal

Mortal is the one who created Team Soul and has brought it to such heights today, and he has also represented Team Soul at the global level, and if we talk about Mortal, then Mortal should be treated to all his good behavior and He also likes to talk well and help everyone.

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#2. Soul Viper

The Real Name of Soul Viper is Yash Parmesh Soni. he’s an Indian and lives in India. he’s a member Of Soul Clan. Soul Viper is in team Souldiers Clan and he’s Team Soul PUBG Crew. he’s a co-leader of Team Souldiers Clan. Soul viper PUBG UserName is SoulvipeR. He began to play PUBG when Season 2 starts.

team soul pubg-soul viper

Viper has played an important role in Team Soul and Viper has always been there during the bad times of Team Soul, and Viper has the role of supporter in Team Soul and is also famous for his thumb control, and Viper’s nature Is funny, and he always treats his fans very well.

#3. Soul Regaltos

Regaltos is a well-known assaulter of Team Soul and the Indian gaming community, Regaltos’s real name is Parv Singh, and he is also in the souldier clan and also included in the Team Soul PUBG crew. PUBG came into the limelight because of the gameplay videos. He is a very good assaulter, and he plays with Soul Mortal

soul regaltos-biography

Regaltos currently has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and their earnings are also sourced from YouTube, making their name in the PUBG Mobile gaming community in a short span of time. His growth on all his social media platforms is also very good. And he also wants to continue his esports career with Team Soul.

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#4. Soul Aman

Aman is named in the Indian gaming community and the team’s aggressive players. Aman’s game name is Soul Aman, Aman was born on 15 May 1998. Aman joined the Entity Gaming team to play competitive in the middle and represented the Global. Aman won a lot of tournaments by staying in Team Soul.

soul aman-team soul pubg players

Aman’s game style is aggressive and he loves to sneak in, but Team Soul’s game style is passive due to which his synergy does not match with the rest of the players. They also have a debate among themselves, but the debate only lasts until the game, all of them are good friends and will remain.

#5. Soul Sangwan

Sangwan, also known as Snake in the entire gaming community. Sangwan’s real name is Dhruv Sangwan, Sangwan’s role assaulter and in-game leader is in Team Soul. Sangwan competed in many competitive tournaments and won. Sangwan was earlier in the VSG Crawlers team, because of his good performance, he got an invite to Team Soul and he joined Team Soul

soul sangwan-soul team biography

Sangwan has achieved a lot of achievements, and his game style is different from the rest of the players. His synergy in Team Soul is going very well. He created his own lineup to play PMIS as Aman was playing at that time in the lineup of Team Soul.

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Team Soul Achievements

2020-07-0225 – 32ndQualifierESL India Premiership 2020 Summer Season: Masters League$0
2020-07-0113thMinorPUBG Mobile Chaos Showdown$0
2020-06-2516thMinorMatrix Invitational Cup$0
2020-06-2220thQualifierPUBG Mobile Mahayudh Season 1 – Pro$0
2020-06-2110thMinorVLT Major Invitational Tournament Season 2$0
2020-06-1614thMinorPUBG Mobile Super Heroes Battle 2020$0
2020-06-1413thMajorPUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia Finals$3,500
2020-06-078thMajorPUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia League$2,000
2020-05-2821 – 27thMinorQume Bitcoin Cup$0
2020-05-192ndMinorSkyesports Grand Slam: PUBGM Invitational$793

Team Soul Awards

2020-06-25Minor Matrix Invitational CupFan Favourite$40
2020-06-21Minor VLT Major Invitational Tournament Season 2 ReGaLToSTeam MVP$131
2020-05-13Minor PUBGM Veteran Showdown: Captain’s LeagueFan Favourite Team$40
2019-07-28Premier PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global Finals MortalWebsite Fan Favorite$0
2019-03-10Major PUBG Mobile India Series 2019Most Kill By a Squad$713

So now you have come to know everything about Team Soul and their players. Fans of Team Soul say that it is not just the team but the emotion. In today’s Indian gaming community, the most fan-favorite team is none other than Team Soul.

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