Ever since PUBG Mobile came, it has been like a fire in the gaming industry. Because PUBG Mobile is a very good game in which you get to see many things. So today we are going to tell you about Life After Game. So this game is a survival game that is very attractive, and after watching this game, there is a desire to play it. Keep your will to survive and hope to survive. So now let’s talk about this game.

Life After Game

The world you once knew well in this game is now a foreign place in a terrible virus epidemic wave. There is an increasing risk in the lives of survivors, through associations with diseases, famines, colds, infections, and hidden agendas. You have to remain calm amid all these dangers and believe that there is a way. With which you can win.

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All of you have to explore every inch of the post-apocalypse world – be it a highly infected, or an abandoned mine, a shattered college and a city full of cold cold forests – scouring the materials you need to survive in it. One has to do, and you have to know how to hunt and gather for food, how to heal your wounds, and make weapons to protect yourself.

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You all have to avoid other encounters, you can face other survivors on your scavenging run. But you have to be extra careful while doing this because those people can attack you for loot. If they are sociable and good people, you can share your food, gunpowder, and adventure stories with them. This does not make you choose yourself, which is not so difficult.

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All of you have to build the ultimate sanctuary for humanity. And with your trusted friends on the way for this, you can find a place to camp and build. In it, you get one brick at a time, until you have the ultimate sanctuary for humanity. You can embrace the human once again during a campfire, on a long, cold night. And share your feedback

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Life after game is much better than other games. In this, you start feeling like real life, because its activities are so amazing. This is a story-based game that is to be seen in any other mobile game but not like this. Building your own house, fighting enemies, making friends in the game, you get to see so many things in this game.


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In this game you have to save the world by living with the world, which is amazing, if you have a gaming hobby and you like survival and story-based games, then you must play Life After Game once.

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