Looking at the situation, however, Instagram has recently launched a short video production feature called “InstagramReels”. With this feature, users can create videos for up to 15 seconds, add filters and music, and share it with their followers and beyond. Videos made on the reels will appear on the Instagram feed that will be between the picture and IGTV icons. You can easily find out to use and enjoy it.

Instagram Reels Launched in India

Unlike Instagram Stories, Reels can stay in your profile like your posts or IGTV content. You can choose who you want to share your reels. If you have a public account, then you can share your Reel in the explore section and make it viewable for everyone on the platform. If not, then you can add the Reels to your Instagram Stories so that they can be viewed only by your followers.

Things you want to know about Instagram Reels:

  • You can create 15 seconds videos 
  • Can post videos made on Reels to your feed or as stories.
  • Also make reels more appealing in the Instagram app using effects, audio and more
  • If your account is public, anyone on the Instagram app can view and share your reels.
  • If your account is private, only your followers will be able to view and share the reels you have created.
  • According to the company, a lot of people are liking the reels and there are a variety of creators who can get a featured tag.
  • These features Reels will be chosen from public accounts only.

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Features include:

  • Audio: Instagram users can select songs from the Instagram music library. They can also record their original audio when recording the video.
  • AR Effects: Instagram has an arrangement of virtual effects created by Instagram and users all over the world. Users can record multiple videos with these effects.
  • Timer and Countdown: Users can record reel hands-free by setting a timer.
  • Alignment: Users can align objects from multiple clips before the next recording. This helps for seamless changes like changing the outfit or adding new friends to your reel.
  • Speed: Users can choose to slow down or slow down portions of video or audio to stay on a beat or to make slow-motion videos.
  • Share: Once the reel is created, it can be shared privately or publicly on Insta Stories where it will appear 24 hours.
  • Public Account: Users can share their reel in a given space in Explore, where it can be viewed and searched by the wider Instagram community. Users can also post reels on their feed.
  • Personal Account: Instagram users with a personal account can post reels in their feed so that their followers can view the shared reels.
Instagram Reels new feature

How to make a video on Instagram Reels:

  1. Reels you will see on the bottom of the Instagram camera.
  2. Click on the Audio option and search for a song from the Instagram music library for your reel.
  3. You can use your original audio by simultaneously recording a reel.
  4. You can add effects to make your reels interesting and attractive and also set a timer to record any of your clips hands-free.
  5. Option to speed up or slow down part of video or audio is also included.

So that’s all about the new feature of Instagram “Reels”, Hope you like it. Drop a comment below, which features you like most in this popular story saver app.

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