Google’s area 120 team that creates experimental solutions has launched a new app called Google Keen, a new rival to Pinterest. it will work similarly to Pinterest, curating content related to people’s interest.

google keen - pinterest alternative

Keen is like a new social media app where users can share their interest on themed boards (called a keen) and can see others’ interests. if you like online games then you can create a board for that, where you can share content related to online games. It works through Google’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, so it automatically populates content relevant to someone’s interest.

Creating a new themed board or Keen is super easy in the app, you just have to log in with your Google account. after login, you can create a new Keen by clicking on the plus button on top of the app. it will suggest some topics related to your board, just select one of them and now you are ready to share your interest.

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Users can add new interest in the form of text or link and from Search. Also, you can share your interest and can invite a collaborator to work together. In the Explore section, you can explore new Keens, follow them, and can also talk with them.

create new keen

As Keen uses AI and search engine technology to automate the process of finding topics according to user interests, the more you save to a keen and organize it, the better recommendations you will get. It simplifies the process of finding the topics you like the most by using AI. Now users don’t need to spend endless hours browsing their interests, Keen can do the job for them.

By using Keen – the new Pinterest alternative, Google can get some additional data from users and can use it to improve the overall search experience. currently, it does not contain any ads but if it gets popular as Pinterest then it might get ads of its own.

Google’s Keen is available on the web ( and Play Store (for Android users).

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