PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are now completely banned by the Government of India for the purpose of Chinese-origin games and services in India as well as the game has been de-listed from the Play Store and App Store. Since then, the whole social media has been stirred up and people are also trying their best to support PUBG Mobile, so many people are also exploring the options of PUBG Mobile. In such a situation, there is a lot of discussion on social media about Indian PUBG, whose official name is FAU-G Game.

FAU-G Game

Just as Indian video game industry giant Vishal Gondal announced on Twitter that Bangalore-based game studio nCore Games – where he is a consultant – is offering dubbed FAU-G a PUBG mobile alternative. The full name of the game is “Fearless and United Guards” It is also being known as Indian PUBG. On hearing this news, the enthusiasm of people to know about this game increased very much.

FAU-G Game: Expectations

As you all know that PUBG Mobile was so popular because of its great gameplay and tremendous graphics. And we think the FAU-G game will also be made keeping this in mind. We have a lot of hope from this game that in this too we get to see all the things that we used to get in PUBG Mobile. And just as PUBG had made a place in our hearts, FAU-G could also make its place.

For this it will be better that the kind of game people are expecting, it will be the same type of game so that people can like it and remove PUBG mobile from the hearts of people. FAU-G game is being inspired by the Indian Army, so we also hope that you can get a tremendous battle royal in it too. Because this game will be able to take the place of PUBG mobile only if it is better than it or similar to it.

Multiplayer Support

Nowadays everyone likes to play games with their friends, family members, or their squads and we all know how easily we were able to do this in PUBG Mobile and even in the game through voice chat with our friends. Could also talk. So we have the same expectations from the FAU-G game that we can see all these features in it as well. And give us a great experience.

Better Graphics Quality

If you are familiar with the graphics of PUBG Mobile, then you must know how important its graphics are for a game. And everyone loves playing the game in an amazing graphics quality. In the FAU-G game too, we expect great graphics which will be enough to remove PUBG Mobile.

Low End Device Support

So the worst thing about PUBG Mobile was that this game stuck too much on low-spec devices. So if the FAU-G game is being made keeping this in mind then it can be a very good option for all of us. Because not all people have mobiles with good processors and RAM, due to which they are not able to play good games.

Maps & Modes: FAU-G Game

However, PUBG Mobile was also very popular among us due to its better maps and modes. And we have the same evening specifications from FAU-G as well so that we can get better maps and modes. If this happens then it will be a big thing for this game and it will not take time to become popular among us. And we hope that this will introduce us to better modes from PUBG Mobile, which will be a very good thing.

Akshay Kumar

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So in the end we can only hope for all these things because till now only the poster of this game has been released and we have not received any information. As much as we have just told, it was all FAU-G game specifications which if proved to be true will be very good for this game and also for us and it will become a great choice for PUBG Mobile. Since it is being made in India, we have great expectations from this game.

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