So as you all know the PUBG mobile game has definitely been banned in India. And even the Chinese-owned app has been permanently banned by the Indian government. All the players of PUBG Mobile are getting very upset due to this decision of the Government of India. And many people who had made their career from PUBG mobile are also facing a lot of difficulty in this refinement. In order to emerge from this refinement, we have brought for you the 5 Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives that you can emerge from the game of PUBG.

Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives

All these games will give you a great experience and maybe you will be able to create the same love with all these games as you had created with PUBG Mobile. And these games provide you almost the same gameplay as PUBG mobile.

Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives

#1. Last Island of Survival: Unknown 15 Days

Last Days of Survival Unknown 15 Days is a multiplayer survival sandbox mobile game packed with action and adrenaline. On this remote and later island, your only goal is to survive. And there are many dangers in it, which will try to stop you from achieving this goal! Ranging from hunger and dehydration to dangerous wildlife, opportunistic sportsmen, and other mysterious threats. You have to gather resources and also build your own bases. You will need to craft various handmade weapons and make sure that no one is there to steal your hard-earned loot.

Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives

Last Days of Survival Unknown 15 Days is a PvP-focused online mobile game, and only players decide what the new day brings for them. This game gives you a great experience and its graphics are also very good. This is a survival game that is almost the same as PUBG Mobile, but due to some reasons, we cannot even call it completely stuff.

#2. Battle Prime: Mobile Hero Shooting Team Action FPS

Battle Prime is a high-speed third-person multiplayer PvP shooting game with console-level graphics on your mobile device. In which you get to see a very advanced level of graphics. This tactical battle simulator focuses on superpowered heroes with unique abilities, formidable arsenals, and high-adrenaline action. The next generation of war simulation has already begun – it’s time to join the fight! Strike first, kill your enemies, survive, grab rewards, and show everyone who is the best prime minister!

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Its graphics can force you to compare with console-level graphics, this is a great multiplayer game that gives you a better experience. It can be compared with even more games but its best graphics It is amazing because of that.

#3. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

A very banging multiplayer game you’ve never seen before – Desperate Lands, which can support a battle of 121 players at the same time in a deadly survival game. In Hopeless Land you also get to see many simple sports facilities, including the special Asian architecture in various battlegrounds; Drive helicopters and experience modern air-to-land battles you’ve never done before; Enjoy ultra-cool shooting feelings with easy operation; No device interrupts, even if you use a mobile phone, all you have to do is survive till the last.

best games like pubg

Due to the very small size, you will be able to run it smoothly on a low-end device and you will not have to face any kind of trouble, it is not so difficult to operate, it is an easy running game. This will give you a slightly more perfect PUBG mobile experience.

#4. Standoff 2

The legendary “standoff” is back as a dynamic first-person shooter that will give you a new experience and you’ll enjoy playing the game more than ever. In this, you have been given new maps, new types of weapons, new game modes, which are waiting for you desperately, this game is a bit different according to the rest of the game because this one will give you a counter-strike-like experience which if seen is enough it’s better.

In this, you have been provided with 6 different maps, in which you will enjoy a lot of playing and in this, you will also be able to talk with your friends, which is a very wonderful feature. You will also be able to play this game easily on low-end devices.

#5. Warface: Global Operations – First person shooter

Warface Global Operations The game is actively growing and evolving, with new maps, weapons, equipment, and character skins appearing regularly in the game, as well as unique new game modes and events in which you value Rewards can also be obtained. The game optimization and matchmaking system are continually improved with each update by the game’s team. And providing the best gaming experience for fans of mobile first-person shooters. And they also enjoy playing games because of new things.

It is a military team-based action shooter game in which everything depends on your skills. Carefully consider your strategy for each battle, explore different locations and modes, develop your shooting skills, upgrade your equipment, and demonstrate your superiority.

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So let’s hope that the 5 Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives we have provided which come with very amazing graphics, you will surely like and it will also help you forget your PUBG mobile game.

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