In today’s race-ridden world, depression is common in any person, perhaps we do not know this, but somewhere in our mind such incidents are happening on a small level, our brain is being damaged. In this post, we will discuss the best mental health app.

Before going into its depth, we know what depression is?

best mental health apps

Depression is a serious illness, which negatively affects your way of thinking and your way of working. Fortunately, this treatment is also possible. It can cause a variety of emotional and physical problems and may reduce a person’s ability to do home and work.

The loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or the end of a relationship is a difficult experience for a person to endure. Feelings of sadness or grief are common in such situations. Those experiencing loss can often describe themselves as being “depressed”.

Symptoms of depression:

  1. Feeling sad/depressed
  2. Loss of interest
  3. Changes in appetite
  4. Lack of sleep or excessive sleep
  5. Loss of energy or increased fatigue
  6. Increased aimless physical activity 
  7. Feel useless or guilty
  8. Difficulty in decision making, concentration or decision making
  9. Thoughts of death or suicide

Although it is a serious problem, if the patient wants to recover on its own, its treatment can be quite simple. Let’s know about some such technical apps which are easily available in the app world and will help you to get rid of serious problems like depression.

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There are some Best mental health apps which can help you to relieve stress and depression.

Best Mental Health App for Android & iOS –

#1. Wysa:

Wysa, your happiest friend is that friendly and caring chatbot.

This app is filled with daily spiritual meditation which improves mental health and is also the perfect way to get family attention.

It is always available to you when you need to talk to someone, Wysa helps you keep an eye on your mood with friendly chats and stress with your proven techniques and calming ability of meditation and mind and Helps fight anxiety.

Checking with Wysa regularly will improve your emotional health so that you can track your happiness and mood.

Wysa is your friend that you can chat with for free. Its therapy-based techniques and conversations are one of the most endearing and calming therapy chat apps, whether you want to cope with mental disorders, manage stress, or boost your mental health.

It is helpful in:

  • Build confidence
  • Manage anger
  • Manage anxious thoughts and anxiety
  • Visualization and meditation exercises to increase positivity
  • Dealing with worry
  • Manage conflict at work, school or in relationships

Download Wysa: Android

#2. Aurum- Best mental health app:

The Aurum app provides you with very easy and unique things to do so that you can become a better version of yourself. Managing your emotions is very important in your life. Now you can use our very popular and unique content to help you manage your stress, anxiety, depression, anger, relationships, worry, and much more. You can also get expert counseling right through the app.

aurum wellness app

It provides an entire ecosystem for you to get all the things necessary to become the best version of yourself. like: Stress, Anxiety, Relationships, Depression, Diet, CBT, Online psychologist, Counselling, Loneliness, Relationship help, Mindfulness, Meditation, Therapy, etc.

Download Aurum: Android & iOS

#3. Moodpath:

If you struggle with your thoughts and feelings and look for ways to improve your emotional thoughts, Moodpat is your personal mental health partner and helps you fight stress, depression, and anxiety.

Moodpath app

It helps to get your mental health assessment, to track and reflect on your mood, also stay away from negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions with the help of Moodpath.

Download Moodpath: Android & iOS

#4. Sanvello:

It helps you improve your mental health. From self-care and peer support to working with trained instructors and therapists, you qualify.

sanvello best mental health apps for android

Sanvello gives you clinically proven techniques based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and whatever you are doing. Research shows that it works: In just 30 days more than 60 Percent of Sanvelo users show a 15 Percent improvement in their levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Download Sanvello: Android & iOS

#5. Depression test:

This Depression Test is designed to help you evaluate the hardness of your depression with just nine simple questions. This app uses the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9), an empirically-based, self-test inquiry. Depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration impede everyday life for weeks or longer. Depression usually reacts positively to treatment, so if you are concerned about your mental health, there is a solution.

Depression test app india

Download Depression test: Android

#6. Yoga for Stress:

This app made for giving you mental instruction about stress or Depression, it also gives you a solution about it.

Yoga is important more than your physical exercise. That is the focus not only on the body but also on mind and breathing. Yoga can help loosen up the tight muscles in your body. If you’re struggling with high-stress levels, yoga can help you to calm your mind while giving your body the perfect concentration.

Yoga for Stress mental health app

Life can be stressful. Busy schedules such as getting up early for school or office, studying or working till late at night, etc. promote stress. Everyday issues can add emotional stress, too. Yoga can help reduce stress by promoting relaxation. Yoga can improve our body, mind, and breathing which reduces stress. People who do a little bit of yoga each day will find a better way to handle their problems. Practicing yoga increases your ability to relax.

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Some scientifically proven techniques for stress management are:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Reduced anxiety and muscle tension
  • Enhance Spiritual growth
  • Reduce Blood Pressure
  • Promotes clarity of thought

Download Yoga: Android

So, by using the above application, you can easily control your stress and depression and lead a happy life. Tell us, what you like most about this app in the comments below.

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