Nowadays everyone uses many brain games and apps to increase their brainpower, And test it as well as for their entertainment. So after a lot of research, we have brought for you 5 Best Brain Games for Android to Increase your Brain Power. And it is sure that after playing these games, not only will your brain power increase, but you will also enjoy it a lot.

Best Brain Games For Android

Best Brain Games For Android

#1. Brain Out – Can you pass it?

“Brain Out” game is an addictive free tricky puzzle. In which you test tricky mind-boggling puzzles that give your mind a modern challenge. It assesses your thinking mindset, alertness, accuracy, memory, and creativity very well. If you believe that you have been cheated, do not answer the question in the normal way.

brain games

The most interesting thing in this trivia game is solved. In this game, you get a different game experience with creative thinking and a different solution. Finally, playing this game increases your thinking power.

Download: Brain Out

#2. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Brain It On is also a game that makes the brain think. In it, you will create shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. They won’t be as easy to see, but if you have to cross that level, you have to make those drawings using your brain. Playing this game greatly increases your thinking power. The levels can be unlocked for free by earning stars from previous levels.

Best Brain Games For Android

You can always make a lot of new players every day by staying on the community screen. If you want to completely remove all ads, unlock all the prompts, unlock levels quickly, and unlock the level editor, you can also buy the game for this.

Download: Brain It On

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#3. Brainilis – Brain Games

In Brainilis you can check your brainpower. In this, you get to see puzzles in the form of very funny puzzles. Those you have to solve. Which along with being very funny, also enhances the logic of your brain. In this, you train your brain with 30+ games in four categories memory, logic, math, and focus.

brainilis-increase brain power

In this, you can also set the Difficulty Level. And the special thing about this game is that you can also play it offline. This makes your brain workouts, which can prove to be very beneficial for all of you.

Download: Brainilis

#4. Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is a fun way to increase your reasoning skills and your thinking power. it can be considered a puzzle game about the application of creating complex looping patterns or using simple concepts. In this, you get to see lots of looping patterns. Some people say that this game is a good and best puzzle game, but with a great Zen mode.

Best Brain Games For Android

You have to clear your goals and your mind, remove all the stress that comes in your daily life so that there is no pressure or stress to resolve the levels. And you can be stress-free and solve all the riddles of this game. In this, you get to see dark mode, which makes this game very attractive. In this, you get different difficulties after every level, which keeps the fun of playing this game.

Download: Infinity Loop

#5. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

So our last name of today’s 5 best brain games for Android is Brain Test Game. Brain Test is an addictive free puzzle game with a special series of tricky brain teasers. In this game, you have to face various puzzles and difficult tests that will challenge your mind. This new puzzle game can break the general knowledge and bring new experience to your brain-jerk.

brain test

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You can enjoy this addictive free and fun free IQ game with all your friends. If you like playing word games, word search games, puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, puzzle games, or any other quiz game, then the Tricky Test Brain Test is the best option for you. And this also increases your brainpower, which is a very good thing.

Download: Brain Test

So these were our 5 Best Brain Games For Android today which will help you a lot in increasing your brainpower and thinking power. We hope you will like these games.

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