Today, in everyday life, we have to scan files for some small or big work, but the scanner is not available everywhere, but now to solve this problem, some Android document scanner apps on your phone are big in a few seconds. By scanning large files, it converts them into PDF and PNG, which you can easily use in your work, that too in the best quality.

Here we are going to tell you about some such Android document scanner apps, with the help of which you will be able to scan your files in a few seconds, with the help of your phone, without any deaf scanner machine.

#1. Adobe Scan-Android Document scanner apps:

The free document scanning app from Adobe is designed for your device, converts it into a powerful portable PDF scanner, converts a normal photo file into a scanned copy, and creates a PDF file.

Android Document Scanner Apps

Use this mobile document scanner to scan anything like receipts, notes, documents, photos, business cards, whiteboards – with content in an Adobe PDF you can reuse from every PDF and photo scan.

With the Adobe scanner app, you can make anything scannable. It is a very important scanner app compare to others, also some features are awesome.

Features: Android Document scanner

  • It can make any content scannable and reusable.
  • you can scan multi-page documents and save with a single tap
  • can turn Adobe Scan into a tax receipt scanner
  • Remove and edit imperfections, erase stains, creases, marks,  even handwriting
  • Scanning business cards and turns Adobe Scan into a fast business card scanner and reader
  • Save each PDF scan to Adobe Document Cloud for instant access and sharing with Adobe Scan

Download: Android & iOS

#2. Simple Scan:

Simple Scanner is a PDF document scanner application just like Adobe scanner, which turns your phone into a portable scanner. You can scan documents, photos, receipts, reports, and more. The scan will be saved in the image or PDF format in the device.

Android Document Scanner Apps 2020

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  • can automatically upload JPG and PDF files to cloud disk
  • Mobile phone documents automatically remove clutter backgrounds, generates high definition JPEG images or PDF files.
  • Quick Search by Document Title
  • Use password to protect your documents
  • Sort by thumbnail or list view, date or title
  • Automatically detects page edges

Download: Android & iOS

#3. Clear Scan-Android document scanner apps:

With the Clear Scan app, you now convert your smartphone into a mini pocket scanner and enjoy the high-quality image in your device at one touch with the best mobile application Clear Scanner.

clear scan app for android

Clear Scanner helps you a lot, you can quickly scan any type of documents, class notes, pictures, receipts,  bills, magazines,  books,  and anything that should be in your device within some time in your office. Can.

It is the fastest means to get the scanned document in the highest quality and convert it to PDF or JPEG format instantly. So that you can share scanned documents, images, books, bills, important notes, or any type of paper.


  • Latency automatically detects and corrects the document edge
  • Processes extremely fast
  • Options Professional-quality results with several filter options: document, clear, photo, color or white and black
  • Save, able to edit the file after saving
  • By using folders and subfolders, you can better organize your documents.
  • It is possible to restart the page after adding or removing After,
  • Sets page size for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4, and more)

Download: Android & iOS

#4. Scanner App To PDF:

This is a simple scanner app that scans any file, photo, or paper and gives it a PDF. The application automatically detects the corner of the file that you want to scan for better quality as well as the part of the document you want to scan.

This is a really cool feature and gives the user freedom of choice. In addition, there are several auto-correction features that the application provides such as adjusting brightness, removing shadows, and straightening the image for better and better quality results. It also called the Tap scanner.

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  • Scan any documents receipts, QR and business cards, etc.
  • Document Scanner App – Automatically detects and fixes boundaries.
  • Many Surrey Filters are also provided to bring good quality.
  • The scanner allows your document to be exported in PDF or PNG format after the scan
  • The Tap Scanner app is built-in OCR with over 110 languages
  • Scanner PDF helps to lets you sign your scanned documents before sending them

Download: Android & iOS

#5. Microsoft Office Lens:

Office lens trims enhance whiteboard and document photos and make them readable. You can use Office Lens to convert images to PowerPoint, Word, and PDF files, and save to OneDrive, OneNote, or any other local device. You can also import photos from your gallery.

Microsoft Office Lens apps
Android document scanner apps


  • Increase your productivity by eliminating time spent searching for documents or business cards
  • Sketch your ideas and snap a photo for later
  • Use an office lens to capture and share ideas
  • With office lens, can protect your business networking contacts.
  • Scan the business card, and your contact list and information on Onenote

Download: Android & iOS

So these are the best scanner app for Android 2020 with which you can scan any file. Hope you like this app. Drop a comment below, which features you like most in this popular story saver app.

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