Are you a new Android user? Or you are moving from a feature phone to an Android phone, or you are thinking of replacing your old Android and buying a new phone, then, first of all, do this important work after buying a new Smartphone.

Here we are going to tell you some important things after buying a New Smartphone that will help you to protect your new smartphone security, backup, and battery.

#1. Data backup & restore:

When you transfer the data from your old phone to a new Android phone. It is most important to backup your data on Google, which you can send to your new phone. This backup is connected with your Gmail ID. With the help of which you will be able to store your contacts, messages, documents, and data on Google, which will bring all the data on the new phone with your Gmail ID.

Things after buying a new Smartphone

#2. Phone lock:

As you take your new phone, for sure its privacy, you must put a pattern or fingerprint lock on it. Here, if you want to set the lock on the print of your two fingers simultaneously so that for some reason your fingerprint of one finger does not work, then you can unlock it with the fingerprint of your second finger. Keep in mind here that your face lock is not part of the security of the phone, only it can comfort you, avoid it if possible.

what to do after buying a new phone

#3. Use phone case:

If your smartphone is new, use the TPU case with the phone for a few days, it will work like protecting your phone, if you ever miss the phone with your hands, it will prevent it from breaking. it is always advisable to use a TPU case. And if you prefer to keep the phone open, then as soon as you are comfortable with your new phone, you can leave it.

Use phone case

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#4. Use the Find my device app:

This is a free app from Google which is very important for your phone and Installs it first on the phone. As is clear from the name, the Find my Device app helps you to find your phone. The app is connected to your phone with Gmail ID, which keeps you the active location of the phone. It can help you in such a case if your phone is missed or stolen.

#5. Store IMEI Number:

Usually, it is a special number on your device, which helps to locate your phone, it will be easily found on your phone box which is 15 digits, or Can also detect it by dialing * # 06 # on your phone. Make sure the EMEI number is physically stored by you.

#6. Charge the battery:

These things must do after buying a new Smartphone, check the battery level of your phone, and once in full charge your phone. Many times what happens when we take new phone, then we start using the phone a little more, due to which the battery level comes down quickly and we start doubting the battery of the phone. For this, what to do if you keep charging your phone’s battery for a few (10-12)days so that the battery will start functioning optimally.

Things after buying a new Smartphone

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#7. Keep Sync on:

Always keep your phone’s sync on. Keep sync of important things like phone contacts, photos, messages, etc. on the phone. So that contacts etc. will be updated from the phone.

#8. User interface:

Also try these things after buying a new smartphone Sometimes we do not get mixed up with our new phone’s UI like launcher, theme, etc. In such a situation, the interface of the new phone appears boring to us, so for this, you should install a favorite launcher or theme on your phone so that your interest in the phone will be increased.

#9. Device updates:

Whenever you get a new phone, keep in mind that your phone is updated. If not, update the system immediately as there are many useful features after the new phone update, including phone bugs or any security fixes. See you on time so update the system as soon as you receive it.

Things after get a new Smartphone

#10. Uninstall bloatware:

It is natural for pre-installed apps to come with a new phone, but keep in mind that apps can be uninstalled. Third-party apps are already installed with new phones, especially in China phones, Can steal your phone data. So, uninstall the bloatware that comes with the new phone and download them from the Google Play Store and be safe.

That’s all things to do after buying a new Smartphone. Hopes you like it. How useful did you find this suggestion, please comment below

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